Caring for your home and pets
   while you're away

Locally Owned & Insured
Terri Fish, Owner

Safe Home Delmar, LLC

When you're not there, we are...

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A few of Safe Home's Customer Comments:

"You have been great on keeping in touch with me at all times, we will continue to call you as the need arises! Sincerely, Marie"

"I can't tell you how easy I feel about things at home. I love your service!! "   M, Delmar 


We watch your property and care for your pets when you leave your home for traveling, including snowbirds away for the Winter months, hospital and rehab stays, as well as vacant homes for those who have relocated and a home is left on the market.

Our Standard Services are listed below and performed each visit to your property, according to your FREE CONSULTATION requests:

*Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition
*Storm Watch: check for damage caused by high winds or snow
*Check windows, screens and doors for any damage or signs of intrusion
*Retrieve any deliveries (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and place them inside the house along with mail & newspapers (We would also be happy to forward mail and deliveries to you – extra fee may apply)
*Check garage, open and close garage doors
*Visually check for any insect or pest intrusion
*Check landscaping for potential problems
*Oversee hired contractors (pool maintenance, lawn care, snow plowing)

*Room-by-room walkthrough
*Visually check overall condition and security of the home
*Visually check for signs of water leaks
*Visually check signs of pest intrusion
*Check refrigerator and freezer; adjust settings accordingly
*Flush all toilets and wait until the run is complete
*Run all faucets, check under cabinets for leaks
*Run air conditioner (as needed, especially if pets are at home)
*Visually check for signs of mildew and mold
*Ensure smoke detectors are functional
*Check to see electrical devises (lights, clocks, timers) are operating properly
*Water plants (as needed)
*Reset security system upon departure

*Spending time with your pet understanding they feel your absence
All personal needs are discussed at free consultation, including potential medication schedule.

Safe Home realizes different seasons may require different needs.
We send you regular updates with photos of any potential problems when we check your home. Owners will be notified/consulted in the event repair is required.

We will perform additional services unique to your property per your request and customize our service to meet your needs.

Please contact : Terri Fish

 Safe Home Delmar, LLC is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Having to watch over a vacant home and it's contents can place a heavy burden for many who are left with the responsibility.  It's common to be concerned that assets may be tampered with without someone there to watch.... and who has the freedom to check-in daily or even once a week?  Hiring an insured, small company to help carry that burden is possible.                                                              

                                             "When you can't be there, we can"